Almanac of American Politics: Votes received, Expenditures, Cook index, Area (sq. mi.), Poverty (%), median income, est. population, interest group ratings (year, group, rating)

GovTrack: Bills (session, type, number, introduced date, title, sponsor, summary), roll votes (type, question,r equired, result, bill), birthday, IDs, names, gender, party, religion, urls, maps, photos, number of bills introduced/enacted/debated/cosponsored/speeches, words per speech

Census: lots of democgraphic data

Taxpayers for Common Sense: Earmark data from bigkahuna.xls (id, houserequest, senaterequest, final amt, budget request, prereduction amt, description, city, county, state, bill, bill secton, bill subsection, project heading, district, presidential, undisclosed, intended recipient, notes, sponsors). earmark per capita for districts. # and amt of earmarks requested and received for politicians.

FEC: Contribution back to 1980. Money raised, %spent, %self, %indiv %pac %labor. Committees (name, treasuer, street1, street2, city, state, zip, connected org, candidate id, type); contribution (fec record id, microfilm loc, report_id, rrecipient, name, street, city, state, zip, occupation, employer, committee/candidate, date sent, amt)

LDA filings: Lobbyist contributions (orgname, filings, prefix, firstnme, middlename, lastname, suffix, contactname). filing (id, year, type, date, signeddate, amendment, certified, comments, senateid, houseid, filertype, lobbyist, org, pacs, contirbutions (date, type, contirbutor, payee, recipient, amount, politician))

MAPLight: Interest group support (groupname, category ID, longname)

VoteSmart: Phone numbers, photos, name, birthday, education, religion, candidates, politician URL, party, nickname, votesmartid, birthplace, education. Phone numbers, photos.

CRP: IDs, photos, FEC ID mapping.

USPS: zip2dist, zip4 (zip, plus4, district, city, state)

IRS: Income distribution (bracket_low, agi, n/tot/avg/pct for dependents, eitc, filers, prepared, charity, taxburden, income).

VoteView: Partisanship, icpsr id, predictability.

By hand: Caucuses, write your rep, states (USPS code, name, territory status, wikipedia url, fipscode), districts (name, number, state, voting rights, wikipedia link), politician wikipedia links.

Calculated: Handshakes


bills: 37,998
category: 472
census records: 11,972,408
committees: 39,420
contributions: 15,199,307
districts: 491
earmarks: 13,209
handshakes: 164
interest groups: 1685
lobbyist contributions: 10,1980
lobbyist filings: 15,928
lobbyist orgs: 4272
lobbyists: 14,834
politicians: 11724
positions: 852,697
rolls: 6290
states: 60
votes: 2,062,312
zip4s: 67,551,085

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