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the list

[X] means we have a copy.
[P] means we have purchased and requested a copy.

AK - Alaska:
AL - Alabama:
AR - Arkansas:
AZ - Arizona:
CA - California:
CO - Colorado:
CT - Connecticut:
DE - Delaware:
FL - Florida:
GA - Georgia:
HI - Hawaii:
IA - Iowa:
ID - Idaho:
IL - Illinois:
IN - Indiana:
KS - Kansas:
KY - Kentucky:
LA - Louisiana:
MA - Massachusetts:
MD - Maryland:
ME - Maine:
MI - Michigan:
MO - Missouri:
MS - Mississippi:
MN - Minnesota:
MT - Montana:
[X] NC - North Carolina:
ND - North Dakota:
NE - Nebraska:
NH - New Hampshire:
NJ - New Jersey:
NM - New Mexico:
NV - Nevada:

All registration information requested must only be used for the purposes authorized by local, state and/or federal laws and regulations. Additionally, any political party, any political party committee member or candidate requesting such information, who receives information requested on this form free of charge, is prohibited by NRS 293.441 from using such information for purposes not related to an election and from selling such information for any reason.

By submitting the Request for List of Registered Voters, all users acknowledge that any improper use of the information compiled in the statewide voter registration database may constitute a felony pursuant to NRS 239.330.

All Reports generated will reflect voter registration data captured and maintained by the respective counties. Maintenance on all voter registration data is conducted at the county level and is therefore subject to the individual county procedures. All inquiries regarding specific voter registration data should be directed to the respective county registrar/clerk.

If any questions arise regarding particular registration dates in regards to specific individuals, please contact the respective county clerk/registrar for clarification. It is possible that the registration date shown may not reflect the individual's original registration date in Nevada due to relocation between counties and other updates to voter registration records.


NY - New York:
[X] OH - Ohio:
OK - Oklahoma:
OR - Oregon:

"Under ORS 247.955 a person will not be considered to use the voter list for commercial purposes if the person obtains the list of electors for the purpose of resale to candidates or political committees for political purposes only."

PA - Pennsylvania:
RI - Rhode Island:
SC - South Carolina:
SD - South Dakota:
TN - Tennessee:
TX - Texas:
UT - Utah:
VA - Virginia:
VT - Vermont:

"I swear (or affirm) under penalty of perjury pursuant to chapter 65 of Title 13 of the Vermont Statutes that I will not use the information in the statewide checklist for commercial purposes."

see: 17 V.S.A. §2154

WA - Washington:

RCW 29A.08.740 Violations of restricted use of registered voter data ? Penalties ? Liabilities. (Effective January 1, 2006.)

(1) Any person who uses registered voter data furnished under RCW 29A.08.720 for the purpose of mailing or delivering any advertisement or offer for any property, establishment, organization, product, or service or for the purpose of mailing or delivering any solicitation for money, services, or anything of value is guilty of a class C felony punishable by imprisonment in a state correctional facility for a period of not more than five years or a fine of not more than ten thousand dollars or both such fine and imprisonment, and is liable to each person provided such advertisement or solicitation, without the person's consent, for the nuisance value of such person having to dispose of it, which value is herein established at five dollars for each item mailed or delivered to the person's residence. However, a person who mails or delivers any advertisement, offer, or solicitation for a political purpose is not liable under this section unless the person is liable under subsection (2) of this section. For purposes of this subsection, two or more attached papers or sheets or two or more papers that are enclosed in the same envelope or container or are folded together are one item. Merely having a mailbox or other receptacle for mail on or near the person's residence is not an indication that the person consented to receive the advertisement or solicitation. A class action may be brought to recover damages under this section, and the court may award a reasonable attorney's fee to any party recovering damages under this section.

(2) Each person furnished data under RCW 29A.08.720 shall take reasonable precautions designed to assure that the data is not used for the purpose of mailing or delivering any advertisement or offer for any property, establishment, organization, product, or service or for the purpose of mailing or delivering any solicitation for money, services, or anything of value. However, the data may be used for any political purpose. Where failure to exercise due care in carrying out this responsibility results in the data being used for such purposes, then such person is jointly and severally liable for damages under subsection (1) of this section along with any other person liable under subsection (1) of this section for the misuse of such data.

[2005 c 246 § 19. Prior: 2003 c 111 § 249; 2003 c 53 § 176; 1999 c 298 § 2; 1992 c 7 § 32; 1974 ex.s. c 127 § 3; 1973 1st ex.s. c 111 § 4. Formerly RCW 29.04.120.]

Notes: Effective date -- 2005 c 246: See note following RCW 10.64.140.

 Intent -- Effective date -- 2003 c 53: See notes following RCW 2.48.180.

WI - Wisconsin:
WV - West Virginia:
WY - Wyoming:

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